Should You “Fire” a Patient Who Won’t Cooperate with Their Treatment Plan?

Determining whether or not to “fire” a patient is a notoriously difficult decision for doctors in every type of practice. You are so busy, patients who don’t seem to care about their own well-being can feel frustrating and a waste of your time. Even though it’s generally considered a last-resort option, there are times when informing a noncompliant patient that they should seek care elsewhere is ultimately the best choice for both you and the patient. Why Noncompliance Is a Big Deal

Top 5 mobile apps in Cardiology

There has been enthusiastic interest in our previous posts reviewing the top 20 apps across all of medicine as well as the top apps in Hematology and Oncology. This week, we turn our attention to our favorite apps in Cardiology. These apps represent valuable clinical reference sources, patient education tools, and calculators – all designed to make practice easier for busy cardiologists. Look for more app highlights in other specialties coming soon…tell us what you think…and let us know if we’ve overlooked any apps that you find valuable!

Top 20 Medical Apps Reviewed by MDLinx

Here at MDLinx, we are excited by the possibilities afforded by mobile applications in healthcare. At their best, they enable clinicians to look up information more quickly and conveniently, perform calculations more easily, record data on the fly, and thus save precious time. Some also challenge clinicians’ clinical knowledge and skills, helping them become better practitioners. It is our privilege to review some of the latest and most useful medical apps, and recommend those that we think clinicians will find most helpful. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our 20 favorite medical apps that have the broadest appeal. We hope […]