Introduction to Locum Tenens: Five Benefits of Going Locum

This is a guest post from MaryAnn Stolgitis of Barton Associates about the possible benefit of Locum Tenens. This is not a solicitation of practitioners nor an endorsement of the author’s contribution by M3USA. ________________________________________________________________________ By MaryAnn Stolgitis, Barton Associates, Are you hoping to find more freedom and flexibility in your career? You’re not alone. During a worsening nationwide physician shortage, healthcare professionals are experiencing burnout, battling hospital politics and toxic professional environments, and working long hours through nights, weekends, and holidays.  Fortunately, work-life balance, extra income, and the opportunity to care for patients who need it most are all within reach. […]

20 reasons why patients should see more of you.

21 Reasons Why Visiting the Doctor More Often is So Important It’s impossible to know when you’re going to get sick or injured, no matter how cautious you are. But, there are plenty of health problems you can prevent, detect or improve by visiting your doctor on more regularly. How Often People Visit Doctors Most people don’t visit the doctor nearly as often as they should. According to a Household Economic Studies report put out in 2013, the average number of doctor visits annually by a working-age adult in 2010 was 3.9. This is down from the average of 4.8 visits […]