Review the latest studies from the October medical conferences that you missed

During October, the MDLinx editors covered a number of interesting conferences in a number of specialties, including pediatrics, gastroenterology, child and adolescent psychiatry, radiation oncology, neurology, cardiology, optometry, and infectious diseases. Some highlights follow: The annual meeting of the American Academy of Optometry was held in New Orleans, LA, October 1-10. According to Kristen Reinard, OD, of Midwestern University Arizona College of Optometry, “Systemic HDL levels have an effect on the health of corneal nerves in patients with and without diabetes.” The number and density of corneal nerves were measured in the study and the researchers found that higher levels […]

Rising Mortality in Middle-Aged White Americans: What Can Doctors Do?

You’ve probably seen the headlines or read the study. Death rates are rising among lower income middle-aged white Americans while death rates in all other demographics are declining. The projected number of lives lost since 1999—more than half a million—is comparable to the current number of deaths due to the AIDS epidemic, the authors wrote. What’s causing these deaths? Suicides, drug/alcohol overdoses, and chronic liver diseases/cirrhosis. All three causes increased year-on-year after 1998. “Although all education groups saw increases in mortality from suicide and poisonings, and an overall increase in external cause mortality, those with less education saw the most […]