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Update on M3 Global Research Operations in Japan


We at M3 USA & MDLinx would like to thank everyone for your expressions of concern and best wishes regarding the safety of our team in Japan.  We are happy to report that at this time the entire M3 team of 172 Tokyo employees is safe. Our executive team in Japan is shifting work around the world to allow continuous operations as staff tend to their families and friends.

We appreciate that your projects are important and that you have deadlines to meet. M3 will do everything that we can to help you do so. However, we would like to remind you that the Japanese research “sample” and “responders” are people who are climbing out of their worst disaster in 2  generations. Our team in Japan, along with those Professional Healthcare providers who participate in market research, are extending themselves and their resources in order to assist their fellow countrymen as much as possible. With this in mind, we will not be initiating any projects in Japan over the next week.  This pause in fieldwork will be reviewed on a daily basis and modified as necessary depending on the progress of the recovery process.  We also hope you understand that it will be some time before normal business resumes for our industry in Japan and until further notice we will be doubling our time in field for all projects.

Tokyo and other cities countrywide will be experiencing planned and rolling blackouts in order to provide electricity for the hardest hit areas. This will significantly affect all commuting travel, especially train arrivals and departures, and will require modification of regular office hours. Please note as well that Prefectures such as Fukushima (among others) will have greatly diminished capacity for survey participation, affecting about 6% of our universe.  Be assured we will continue to work as diligently as was always have and do everything we can to complete current and future projects for Japan.

Finally, if you are interested in assisting those affected in Japan, the Red Cross is accepting donations on their behalf.

Thank you again for your thoughts and concerns as we along with you pray for everyone affected by the multiple tragedies in Japan.

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