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Pulse of Medical Market Research - M3 Global Research


M3 Global Research

Major News

  • M3's Tokyo office - OPEN for business
  • M3 USA is the only healthcare panel ISO certified by CASRO's Institute for Quality Research
  • MDLinx physician portal rated #1 for Oncologist reach by ImpactRx Study
  • CASRO updates legislative tracking report for Physician Compensation
  • Research shows Physicians Considering Leaving Primary Care
Quick Hits
  • “Like” M3 Global and we'll donate $1 to the American Red Cross
  • Expanded and improved qualitative research studios reopen in London
  • New Princeton office location for M3 Global Research
  • New staff additions to our international team will assist in growing business activity
  • Facebook promotion on research projects with M3 Global
  • Stop by our PBIRG booth in San Antonio for free research opportunity
A Look Ahead
  • MRA Annual Conference in M3 USA's hometown of Washington DC
  • Supreme Court to Rule on Physician Prescribing Data

Major News:

M3's Tokyo office - OPEN for business

M3's office in Tokyo is fresh off Golden Week holidays and back to full strength after the recent earthquake and resulting tsunami. To help the relief efforts, M3 allowed physicians to donate honoraria and our 300 employees worldwide to donate paychecks. We raised and donated over $1,000,000 to the American, EU, and Japanese Red Cross to help the relief efforts. Click here to read the announcement and learn about ways you can help the relief efforts in Japan

M3 USA now ISO certified by the CASRO Institute for Quality Research

M3 USA recently led a seminar on ISO Certification ROI at the CASRO Online Conference. Click here to hear why ISO certification matters and how you can become ISO certified by CIRQ. Craig Overpeck, COO of M3 Global Research, will be presenting at the CASRO Management conference in Chicago May 17th and sharing a case study on ISO and what it means for buyers of research.

MDLinx is #1 in Oncology and #2 in US Market according to ImpactRx study

The January issue of Oncology Business Review reported MDLinx has the most frequent reach among US Oncologists. The research also independently validated MDLinx's claim to reach almost HALF of US physicians. Click here to go to the article online.

CASRO Updates Legislative Tracking Report

An industry update on Physician Compensation Legislation was posted by CASRO for members.  Click here to review the pending legislation state by state. M3 Global has been working with the industry associations to lobby in Vermont, Maine, and the District of Columbia to overturn the reporting requirements which has entangled market research.  As a precaution for our clients we do not pull sample from these areas unless specifically requested due to the potential reporting requirement.  M3 Global, a SOX compliant company audited annually by PriceWaterhouse Coopers, has always followed Federal IRS rules to report any payments aggregated over $600 on a 1099 form for contracted compensation.

Research shows Physicians Considering Leaving Primary Care

M3 Global Research's annual survey of 3729 primary care physicians found that 40.3 percent considered leaving their primary care practices this year, with 16.5 percent reporting that 2010 was the first year they had considered such a career change. Only 15.6 percent hold out hope of 2011 being a better than average year for their personal income, with 17.7 percent forecasting 2011 to be one of the worst earning years of their career. The survey also shows only three out of five physicians enjoying better job satisfaction than they anticipated on their first day in medical school.

Like" M3 Global and we'll donate $1 to the American Red Cross >>

Studios reopen and expanded in London >>

New Princeton location opened to meet demand >>

New additions to international team >>


During the month of May you can save 5% on all your research projects with M3 Global Research (on projects over $50,000). Click here for the Facebook Offer!

Visit with M3 Global Research's Director of Research from Japan, Hiromu Kumanishi, at the PBIRG Vendor Fair and get 3 free questions in our US, EU, or Asian Omnibus!

A Look Ahead

The Market Research Association Annual Conference will be held in M3 USA's hometown of Washington DC June 6-8.  Look for events sponsored by M3 Global Research near the Omni Hotel.

The US Supreme Court is expected to rule in June on whether attempts by the state of Vermont to block the use of physician prescribing data for marketing purposes is a restriction of free speech.  The disputed law does not ban companies from collecting information about the prescribing habits of physicians but prevents them from selling it on to pharmaceutical manufacturers for the purposes of marketing new drugs to doctors – unless the doctor consents to having their information used in that capacity.

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