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M3 Launches PDR® Powered by MDLinx, Extends Reach to Nearly 600,000 Physicians in U.S.


Expanded clinical information website offering now available to PDR members creates new opportunities for M3’s customers in healthcare professional promotion, market research and physician employment.

(Washington, DC, November 18th, 2013) The award winning MDLinx content, (, is now offered as membership benefit to all PDR’s members.  Through this tightly integrated partnership with PDR, (, M3 is now capable of reaching nearly 600,000 US physicians on behalf of its customers in brand marketing, market research, and physician recruiting.   

“PDR is a one-of-a-kind brand, trusted by physicians to deliver highly relevant drug information,” remarked Aki Tomaru, CEO of M3 USA. “MDLinx has been the leading website for U.S. specialty physicians.  With the launching of PDR Powered by MDLinx, (, M3 adds 330,000 US physicians, significantly extending our reach in key specialties such as primary care, psychiatry, urology and pediatrics.  Combined with our existing industry leading coverage in oncology, rheumatology and endocrinology, our HCP reach may be the best to the specialties that matter most to both Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies. This represents a tremendous opportunity for our customers.”    

 “We are thrilled to partner with MDLinx, as PDR continues to expand our HCP offerings,” comments Rich Altus, President of PDR. “Their practical medical information can now be found right on our site, PDR Powered by MDLinx. This powerful offering will provide even more reasons for prescribers to rely on PDR for the most relevant drug and clinical information inside and outside of workflow.” PDR continues to lead the industry by providing drug information and patient support inside the physician’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).

MDLinx is the most actively used website among HCPs today. Now with the PDR partnership in place, M3 offers the greatest reach in the industry to its customers. This is M3 Group’s second industry leading partnership inked in just over two months, the last being an integration with MMIT, to deliver market access information directly to Healthcare Providers.

“We are committed to helping HCPs get the latest medical information available to help them make the most informed prescribing decisions for their patients,” remarks Tomaru. “The PDR partnership is the next great step in our continued growth strategy in the United States.”

About M3 Group
The M3 Group operates in the US, Asia, and Europe with over 5 million physician members globally via its physician websites such as,, and M3 Inc. is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (jp:2413) with subsidiaries in major markets including USA, UK, Japan, S. Korea, and China. M3 Group provides services to healthcare and the life science industry. In addition to market research, these services include medical education, ethical drug promotion, clinical development, job recruitment, and clinic appointment services. M3 has offices in Tokyo, Washington D.C., Fort Washington, PA, Oxford, London, and Seoul.

M3 Group Links


About PDR Network


PDR Network is the nation’s leading aggregator and distributor of FDA-approved drug safety information and patient support services, reaching healthcare providers directly through the Physicians’ Desk Reference® suite of digital and print services. PDR® Communications provides direct access to more than one million healthcare professionals with both promotional and clinical vehicles. Healthcare professionals access trusted PDR content across channels, including via the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), the most recognized drug information reference available in the U.S., now available in multiple formats; PDR interactive drug services for Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems;®, the online home of the PDR; and mobilePDR® for handheld devices.  The PDR Pharmacy Discount Card helps patients afford their medications – is a free service to physicians and their patients.  For more information on our products and services, please visit

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The Smartest Doc- a FINALIST for the Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand in the 2012 MM&M Awards!


The Smartest Doc confirmed as a FINALIST for the Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand in the 2012 MM&M Awards! 

We are proud to announce that The Smartest Doc has been confirmed as a FINALIST for the Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand in the 2012 MM&M Awards! 

Our product is one of five in this category chosen by a panel of over 100 industry experts. While it’s an honor just to be nominated, we’re hoping to bring home a prestigious Gold or Silver award. We’ll find out the results during the ceremony being held in NYC on October 9.

Wish us luck!

The Smartest Doc has challenges in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Oncology, Diabetes, Neurology, Pediatrics, Dermatology and Cardiology. Test your clinical acumen and speed, and generates national recognition.


M3 Global Research is Revolutionizing Healthcare Professional Market Research Procurement

M3 Global Research,Verified, Certified, Guaranteed

M3 Global Research Announces: “Verified, Certified, Guaranteed” Promise to Research Industry Executives at PBIRG and CASRO Conferences

Chicago, IL and San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) May 17, 2011

M3 Global Research today announced a ground-breaking program intended to revolutionize healthcare professional market research procurement. The new M3 program, “Verified, Certified, Guaranteed” found at, is the capstone of a five year effort to build and manage the largest, most respected verified and certified panel of healthcare professionals in the world. Recently M3 USA completed the rigorous process to earn ISO certification, which has resulted in significant efficiencies and considerable cost savings in the supply chain process for healthcare professional procurement.

“We started our market research division five years ago with a single vision – to be the premiere and primary source for physician market research around the world, and to provide this service with one-stop-shopping capability, “ said Craig Overpeck, COO of M3 Global Market Research. “Along the way we achieved dual certification by the MRA and ISO, proving beyond doubt that we’re number one in quality and signifying a recognized efficiency in our operations. Now we are ready to transform the way companies procure the physicians for market research.”

M3 Global Research now guarantees to offer the lowest price in professional healthcare market research recruitment provided a project is feasible. Market Research companies will save both time and money by working directly with the acknowledged and trusted market leader. The result for clients is highest quality and the lowest price, guaranteed.

Please email your inquires for professional healthcare sample to You‘ll receive a prompt response from an experienced professional representative who will answer your questions, provide feasibility and field time estimates based on your project specifications. Only clients who submit their RFPs directly to M3 Global Research are eligible for this program.

Karie Eastburn for M3 Global Research

Top 11 Tips for using MDLinx!


MDLinx Oncology

5 minutes a day to stay current

#1. New Site Introduction

The chaos of medical literature that we triage is now organized better to enable you to find what you need faster!

In 1999, we started with a simple idea to save time for busy healthcare professionals like you. We would read every peer reviewed journal article and categorize each one into a specialty and subspecialty, then send you a personalized briefing of the day as it relates to how you practice medicine. Every day our physicians sort over 1,000 new articles, read them, rank them, and send over 1,000,000 briefings saving physicians countless hours of time while keeping you more up-to-date on the medical literature. Reading our exclusive newsletter for 5 minutes a day really is the ONLY way to stay on top of the medical literature. And as you already know - it's free!

What others are saying:
I've used MDLinx for 10 years now and I don't know how anyone could keep up with the medical literature without MDLinx. I'm more up-to-date and better read since they cover all the journals.

Staying on top of the medical literature is almost impossible if it were not for MDLinx. Their unbiased sorting and ranking of articles helps me keep up with every medical journal.

Editorial Independence
MDLinx uses degreed physicians to read, sort, and rank all the articles. They cover all peer reviewed journals without bias and are not influenced by our advertisers who are clearly labeled as sponsors on our website and newsletters.

MDLinx Trivia:
Q: How did our 8 physician editors read over 3,000,000 medical articles?
A: One article at a time!

The New Site!

#2. Find What You are Searching for Now at MDLinx!

MDLinx is committed to keeping you up-to-date with the emerging literature but sometimes you might be looking for the latest information on a topic that is not one of our categories. Now you can use our improved, faster search engine to get the precise articles you are looking for today! Our system will even autosuggest search terms based upon our own medical dictionary (eat your heart out Google!) You can limit your search to just a single specialty or timeframe.


For power users we now have an advanced search where you can input your own date range, limit the search to just a title of an article, or use a MeSH heading to find related articles. We even tell you what searches are popular with your peers.

Advanced Search Features

#3. Where Do You Keep the Most Important Literature?

In YOUR LIBRARY on MDLinx! You can quickly and easily store an article for quick reference in your own personal library when you are reading an abstract on MDLinx. Right above the article, select the Article Tools and Save to your Library. Once in the Library, you can create folders and organize your articles according to the way you think about the medical literature. A powerful tool to help you keep track of all the landmark articles that are important to your specialty.

In your Library you can also find a list of your recently read articles.

Make your Library part of your browser toolbar! In the Library you can select the option to add the Library to your browser Favorites. If you have a Favorites Toolbar you can simply drag the MDLinx Library page into your toolbar and create a shortcut to this powerful organizational tool!

Save to Your Library

#4. How to get your CME and a Vacation:
Conference Planning 101

Are you concerned about the location of your conference or the time of year it happens? We can answer these and other important conference planning questions at the click of a button (or two).

Our list of conferences is organized by your specialty, can be sorted by date and displayed in a list or calendar format. You can also see the conferences on a Google Map so you can be in the right locale for some rest and relaxation. We'll even tell you if they are offering CME! All our conference listings link straight to the event websites. With 2 clicks you can be booking that cruise, we mean CME learning event, in the Caribbean!

Conference Planning

#5. Follow, Fan, Email, and Integrate us
into your social life!

There are several new Social Media tools available on our site. Besides registering for a daily personalized briefing by email, you can also recommend us to others, fan us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. For those with personal pages on Google, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN ? click on the RSS feature to add our articles to your own web page. It's easy and free to personalize your own view of MDLinx! We have over 800 feeds and newsletters based on your specialty and subspecialty. Now there are more ways than ever to keep up with all the medical literature and integrate medical journal articles into your daily social life!

Stay Connected and Spread the Word

#6. Top Authors are Honored Daily on our Site

At MDLinx, we honor the top 10 authors of each specialty every day by allowing them to post their exclusive commentary directly to our site next to their top ranked article. Our process starts the same way every day, with over 1,000 articles sorted by our team of 8 physicians. After sorting the articles into 800+ categories, they select the top 10 articles in each of our 36 specialties. These articles are simply the best of the day and the authors are honored like celebrities and asked for their personal autograph of why the article is so impactful to other healthcare professionals like you! Read their insights on our site today!

Exclusive Insights from Top Authors

#7. Easy Access to Full Article Abstract or Full Text

When the need arises to see the full abstract or read the full article text, the link to original material is directly below the summary reading pane. MDLinx only selects articles which have a full abstract, or full text available. Sometimes the publisher's page with the abstract may require you to scroll down to view the abstract .

Catch up Quickly!

#8. Are You Behind in Your Reading?
New Tab to Help You Catch up Fast!

Our goal is simple: to save you time. To do that we filter and rank articles from all the journals so you can quickly read just the articles that relate to your practice

We know that some days you don't have even the 5 minutes, to use MDLinx to stay current with the latest articles in your practice. So we've added a new tool to help. MDLinx is proud to introduce our latest tab - "Top Articles Since Last Login". Clicking this tab will solve all your problems, as we give you a list of the best articles since your last login. So with 5 minutes you just caught up on what you missed in the past day, week, or even month. We listened and customized our site just for you and your schedule.

Catch up Quickly!

#9. Popular Articles of the Month

Did you ever wonder what articles are the most popular amongst your peers? Not only do we filter and rank the articles for you but you can see what others are reading. Click the Most Popular Articles tabs at the bottom to see which ones were the best of last month and which ones were the best of last year.

Your peers have voted and now you can make sure you are up-to-date with the very latest articles that made an impact. Every month the popular list is refreshed, and remember, these articles are only the popular ones in your specialty! To see what articles are popular in other specialties, just click the specialty site jumper.

Most Popular Articles

#10. Earn honoraria for your opinion!

Every weekday MDLinx sends invitations to online surveys to our verified physician members and allied healthcare professionals. We offer this as a service to our members, providing you ways to earn additional income in your spare time by sharing your expert opinions with our market research clients.

How it works:
If you want us to include you in market research opportunities, just update your online profile. When we have a survey that matches your demographics, you will get an invitation. The invitation will tell you how long the survey is, the topic of the survey, and the amount of honorarium. If you complete the full survey you will receive your honorarium check within 3-4 weeks.

Last year we paid more than $4,000,000 in honoraria to healthcare professionals just like you! To update your profile to qualify for surveys, just follow this link!

Configure your account to earn honoraria

#11. Putting You in Command of the Rep Visit

There are some 500 prescription brands being promoted to physicians today (data from Who can keep up with even a fraction of them? Yet you want to remain expert on drugs you prescribe and at least knowledgeable about those you might run into when on call or seeing a new patient.

We think we've found a win-win-win solution. MDLinx Messages puts you in the driver's seat, giving you ultra quick refresher tutorials, interesting cases, and challenging knowledge quizzes on brands you need to know. If a program is available to you, you will see the invitation next to your drug rep's photo in your MDLinx email and website. You decide whether to accept the information from this rep or deny the rep access to your screen. The information distributed by the pharma company is clearly labeled and at anytime you can choose to end the relationship. You can actually control "who" shows up in this section of MDLinx! Look for these industry invitations in your newsletter and on the web.

Your Favorite Reps, at your control

World’s Largest Physician Panel Formed As M3 USA Purchases EU-Based EMS Research

M3 GR logo web tag

M3 Global Research combines MDLinx and EMS to offer online access to 1.3 million healthcare professionals

Washington, DC, November 22, 2010 – M3 USA, parent company of MDLinx, a leading medical market research firm, has signed an agreement to purchase EU-based EMS Research, a company specializing in quantitative and qualitative market research for clients in healthcare and other vertical markets.

The acquisition creates the largest verified provider of physicians and other healthcare professionals in the world.  This new international division will be designated M3 Global Research.  With offices in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea and China, M3 Global Research will offer access to 1.3 million verified doctors and other healthcare professionals, differentiated into more than 700 subspecialties.

M3 Global Research will provide the highest standard of direct access, utilizing its proprietary physician panels, online survey tools, call centers, fieldwork studios, and in-house project managers in offices around the world.

“EMS Research has always prided itself on our superior market research capabilities.  By teaming with M3, we have greatly expanded the depth and breadth of our abilities on a global perspective,” said Neil Jarvis, Director at EMS.

“Europe was the missing component in our market research global coverage strategy.  The EMS acquisition firmly secures our place as the healthcare market research industry leader, and equips us with the largest verified panel of healthcare professionals in the world,” said Aki Tomaru, CEO of M3 USA.  “Our clients will now enjoy unparalleled global reach as they gather insights from healthcare professionals and experience our best-in-industry, single source service.”

M3 Global Research and M3 USA

M3 Global Research is the market research division of Tokyo-based M3 Inc. (JP:2413) operating globally with a proprietary healthcare professional panel of 1.3 million  respondents in more than 60 countries.  The division was created by uniting the worldwide panels of MDLinx in the USA, EMS Research in Europe, and M3 companies across Asia.  M3 Global Research offers a broad range of capabilities including quantitative, qualitative, and omnibus surveys utilizing call centers and in-country project managers.  M3 has provided solutions for every top 20 pharmaceutical company in the world.  For more information, visit or email requests to

EMS Research

EMS Research, headquartered in London, England, was founded in 1999 and is Europe’s leading in-house medical fieldwork company.  M3 Global Research will maintain EMS’s unparalleled research quality at competitive cost via effective management and expansion of research assets across Europe,  including respondent databases, pan-European project teams, in-house moderators, online survey tools, call centers, field teams and viewing facilities.

Greg Jones for M3 Global Research

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