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Five Reasons to Thank Your Doctor


Social Media Initiative Celebrating National Doctors’ Day

A day that honors doctors comes on the eve of the Affordable Care Act deadline, a time when new challenges face physicians

Just over four years after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act and a day before the deadline for sign up, falls National Doctors’ Day.  “We know all the new pressures and challenges that today’s physicians face, especially with the Affordable Care Act in place,” comments Al Saint Jacques, Editorial Director of MDLinx, part of M3 Group, a leading provider of online marketing solutions to the healthcare industry. “National Doctors’ Day recognizes the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities, so it’s an apropos moment in time to share and promote the dialogue of how each of us, on a very personal level, so greatly appreciates and depends on our doctors.”

MDLinx has created 5 Reasons to Thank Your Doctor,  and urges people to use social media this week to share this and add their own reasons why they appreciate their doctors.  

Thank You, Doctor, for…

1.      caring for me all the time and especially at my most vulnerable times.

2.      the family and social sacrifices you make daily for the health of your patients.

3.      working longer hours, never letting the business of medicine interfere with the practice of medicine.

4.      being a trusted professional and friend who is always there when I need you.

5.      your passion for healing and enduring compassion for your patients.

“It’s always important to take time to appreciate the people that make a difference in our lives,” remarks Mr. Saint Jacques, “and this week leading up to National Doctors’ Day is a good time to let our trusted physicians know how we feel about them.”   

         national doctors day





Medical marijuana commercial airs in New Jersey


First Medical marijuana commercial airs in New Jersey

The first ever medical marijuana ads begin airing on select Comcast cable networks between 10pm and 5am. The commercial was produced by operates as a middleman, connecting people seeking marijuana for medical purposes with doctors who provide those prescriptions. The commercial compares buying pot off the streets to buying sushi of a shady character on the street opening up a coat filled with raw fish.

medical marijuana

You wouldn't buy sushi from this guy, so why would you buy your marijuana from him?”  the TV ad asks

Currently, 20 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized marijuana  for medical purposes. The commercial will begin airing in New Jersey, one of those states, via Comcast on stations such as Fox, CNN and ESPN.

More news on medical marijuana more medical news articles

The MDLinx Oncology App


MDLinx Oncology app

This app provides the latest oncology journal articles on your mobile device.

  • Journal articles reviewed and summarized by editors who are also oncologists
  • Search, sort, and filter articles to meet your personal specifications
  • Available for both Android® and iPhone®

This MDLinx Mobile resource is provided as an educational service. The content is selected and controlled exclusively by the MDLinx Editorial Team at M3.

MDLinx Oncology from M3 more medical news articles Sets New Industry Standard with Launch of International Physician Verification Program


Drives Client and Physician Confidence by Raising the Verification Bar for Physicians Worldwide

MDLinx, part of the M3 Group, and the number one physician specialty website in the US, with the largest single site for healthcare professionals in the EU and the Nordics, breaks new ground with the introduction of their international physician verification program.

“Most physician websites are built in one language, for one country and verify physicians country by country in verification silos, with no global standards evident,” comments Craig Overpeck, CTO of MDLinx and COO of M3 Global Research. “Our new international verification program is an M3 First, reaching out globally to all physicians who use our MDLinx platform, engaging them in their language and credentialing with diplomas or licenses. The ultimate goal is to insure we have the most verified physician panel for opt-in market research and to communicate our pharma content directly to the intended subscribed physician audience… out of the reach of non-physicians."

This new international verification program is indicative of the M3 Group corporate DNA that values the relentless pursuit of accuracy and credibility for their physician members and their valued, expanding global client base.

“We have been verifying physicians for years in the US, G5, Japan, Russia, Korea, and China,” adds Mr. Overpeck. “As we move into more countries where there is not a central database of physicians, we saw the need to clearly show which physicians are verified and which are not. That’s why this verification initiative is integral to our continued global expansion.”

Recently was named “Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand” by the prestigious trade publication Medical Marketing and Media.


Our new international verification program is an M3 First, reaching out globally to all physicians who use our MDLinx platform, engaging them in their language and credentialing with diplomas or licenses.

Craig Overpeck, CTO of MDLinx and COO of M3 Global Research more medical news articles to Award Unprecedented Half Million Dollars of Online Advertising

 to Award Unprecedented Half Million Dollars of Online Advertising through New Contest Educating Primary Care Physicians about Worthy Cause

MDLinx Primary Cares Challenge for Charity Launched at ePharma Summit, Unique Opportunity for Pharma or Pharma Agencies to Showcase Creativity to Benefit Favorite Charity. Winner to Be Announced at the 25th Anniversary Med Ad News Manny Awards.


MDLinx, (, a part of M3 Group, a leading provider of online marketing solutions to the healthcare industry, is spreading the love of charity this Valentine’s week by launching the MDLinx Primary Cares Charity Challenge. This creative contest is open to pharma and pharma agencies that are encouraged to compete for up to $500,000 worth of free online advertising for a favorite charity. Judging is based on the creative submission of an education campaign discussing the mission of the chosen charity, which is specifically tailored for an audience of Primary Care Physicians. The winning entrant’s charity will be advertised on, where healthcare professionals find the most up-to-date, valuable clinical and medical information available, helping them make the most informed decisions for their patients. (More information and complete rules found at

“M3 Group, of which is a part of, has experienced tremendous growth, remarked Jack Bilson,” VP of M3 Group. “We now reach over 2.5 million physicians through our global health care professional networks and nearly 600,000 physicians in the Unites States alone. MDLinx which has long been the #1 physician specialty site in the United States, and has added a number of new services which has helped us grow substantially in many ways including our reach with Primary Care Physicians. Overall, this contest is a way for us to continue to give back and share our success through supporting a worthy charity with a specific focus on reaching our large, and growing, Primary Care Physician audience.”

Recently, M3 Group created another charitable initiative to help with the Philippines Tsunami Recovery through M3 Global Research, the only ISO certified research panel in Europe and ISO certified in the US, as well.

“We are thrilled to enter this creative and charitable contest,” commented Wendy White, Founder and CEO of Siren Interactive, a rare disease marketing agency. “This gives us the possibility to reach and educate a huge primary care physician audience about a non-profit derived tool that will speed time to diagnosis for rare diseases. It’s a remarkable opportunity.”

“I am very excited to participate in this challenge that will have a positive impact and that combines all my favorite things – healthcare, digital, and advertising,” comments Lisa Flaiz, Group Product Director, Digital Marketing, Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson. “I am pleased to have the opportunity to review the many deserving entries as part of the judging panel – I know this will be a difficult decision but I am looking forward to helping to deliver good news to a deserving cause!” All entries are to be submitted online at, by April 14th.

Judging for the contest will be in two phases.

  • Phase #1: Up to four Finalists will be chosen by a panel of industry experts, digital thought leaders in online advertising space.
  • Phase #2: Winner is chosen from among the Finalists by an MDLinx panel of 1000 Primary Care Physicans, part of the MDLinx ISO certified HCP Panel, the largest of its kind in the world.

For both Phase #1 and Phase #2, judging is based equally on these three criteria:

  • Charitable Organization’s important work/goals/needs
  • Creative execution of strategy
  • Comprehensive/diverse use of MDLinx solutions in campaign

The entry with the highest score will be deemed the first prize winner, the entry with the next highest score will be deemed the second place winner, and the entry with the next highest score will be deemed the third place winner, all three subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with the Official Rules.

Winner of the MDLinx Primary Cares Challenge for Charity will be announced live at the 25th Anniversary Med Ad News Manny Awards on April 24th in New York City. “The healthcare marketing space has a rich tradition of philanthropic endeavors which MDLinx has captured with this exciting new contest,” comments Daniel Becker, Owner, Brand Director, Med Ad News, “It’s a natural extension of our Manny Awards program that has long emphasized agency participation in a diverse array of charitable causes, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help showcase those efforts.”


More information and complete rules found at

Super Weekend for Physicians Looking for New Positions?


Super Weekend for Physicians Looking for New Positions?, Largest Healthcare Professional Site with a Career Center, Polls Physicians on their Big Game Weekend Plans for Career Moves

Matt Baker, MDLinx Director of Physician Recruitment Advertising

We reach nearly 600,000 physicians in the US alone, and noticed a trend of high volume traffic to our career site around the holidays and national events. We did the research to see who planned to explore career options this big game weekend.

January 31, 2014

Come Sunday, there will be plenty of moves on the football field, but MDLinx, (, a part of M3 Group, a leading provider of online marketing solutions to the healthcare industry, is more interested in seeing what moves healthcare professionals are looking to make.

“Physicians visit to stay current on the latest, most important medical news and information, and to explore new career opportunities at our career center, (,” comments Matt Baker, MDLinx Director of Physician Recruitment Advertising. “We reach nearly 600,000 physicians in the US alone, and we noticed a trend toward a high volume of traffic to our career site around the holidays, as well as national events, when busy healthcare professionals may have some free time. We thought it would be interesting to get a snapshot of those who plan to explore new career options during the big game weekend. So we did the research.”

A snap poll of 1061 health care professionals was taken over the last 72 hours by the ISO certified Research Panel of M3 Global Research,, also a part of M3 Group. The study revealed that 15% of healthcare professionals surveyed said they would look for jobs in their specialty or region over the big game weekend.

"These numbers are not surprising to hear,” says Jennifer Metivier, M.S., FASPR, Executive Director, Association for Staff Physician Recruiters, (ASPR). “The ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report identified a trend of increasing physician turnover rates over the last few years, which may correlate to the improving housing market and economy. Physicians are more likely to be in a position to seek new opportunities given these economic indicators."

“Job satisfaction is often a topic of discussion when family and friends get together, like they will this Sunday,” remarks Matt Baker. “This confirmed our thinking that even during the weekend festivities, many physicians may indeed look to score that new big career opportunity.”

MDLinx Career Center

Doctors, Are you aware the effects Social Media has on your career

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Doctors, are you aware of the effects of social media on your career?


As the use of social media continues to grow, how does this affect doctors? As a general rule of thumb, doctors should always proceed with caution when using social media.

social media and physiciansDoctors should always be conscious about what they and others are posting on social networks, blogs, and other websites. This includes images, comments, and friendship requests on social media. Common concerns of doctors include complaints and allegations made about doctors by patients on social networking sites, friendship requests from patients, and doctors who had found themselves in difficulties after posting comments and images online.

Social media can help doctors to network more effectively and give patients more access to healthcare information. But there are risks too, particularly when it comes to confidentiality. Doctors should be aware that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are informal environments, so it is easy for doctors to let their guard down and not follow the same rules as they would offline. However, the rules of confidentiality apply as much when posting online as they do to when you are chatting to a friend on a night out. Not only do the same rules apply online, but it is also important that doctors remember that when something is shared through social media, it may not just be their friends and family who see it, and could potentially be shared with strangers too.

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Smartest Gastroenterologist daily quiz competition is now live. Play today!

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NOW LIVE!  Smartest Gastro

Smartest Gastroenterologist daily quiz competition is now live. Play today!

Buried in literature?

Compete for the title of Smartest Gastroenterologist in America. Set aside 60 seconds today to keep your brain sharp.

The US Physician with the most points each month is named the Smartest Gastroenterologist in America.

The Smartest Gastroenterologist is a 1-minute daily quiz that makes keeping up with the literature both fun and competitive.

  • Answer up to 5 clinical questions on a varying topic each weekday to accumulate points.
  • Get your instant score and ranking versus others who played that day.
  • Follow the live leader boards online to see which US physicians came out on top.
  • See where your medical school alma mater ranks in the competition by following the Alumni Challenge leader board.

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Receive a personalized trophy, e-certificate and national recognition. Make it into the Top 10 to receive an e-certificate and a small token of our congratulations. The Top 100 also get e-certificates and bragging rights.


Are your patients protected in clinical trials?


MDLinx Clinical Trials Navigator





Are your patients protected in clinical trials?

Legislation to protect subjects in clinical trials introduced

Legislation designed to protect clinical trial study participants, close dangerous loopholes, and bring certainty and public transparency to life–saving research studies, has been introduced, according to a statement by the bill’s sponsors. The Trial and Experimental Studies Transparency (TEST) Act of 2013 updates and expands, the clinical trial registry data bank with stronger reporting requirements, and requires that all foreign clinical studies meet the same registration and reporting requirements as domestic trials if they are used to support an application to market a product in the United States. Eighty percent of the drugs entering the U.S. market in 2008 were clinically tested overseas and a growing number of device trials are also moving abroad. Many of these trials are not required to be registered with the clinical trials database.

>> Use our ultra-fast clinical trial search tool to locate the US trials in your location. Find the sponsor, stage, rating and (NEW!) related articles.

>> Sign up for the Clinical Trials Newsletter to stay current on the trials taking place in your area. Choose the Edit Newsletter Subscriptions tab and check the box under Clinical Trials Newsletter clinical trials

Just for you...A quiz focused on the Affordable Care Act (ACA)


One Day Only!
Test your knowledge about the Affordable Care Act

The Smartest Doc is bringing you, a quiz focused on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The face of insurance is changing, to help you keep pace, The Smartest Doc has scheduled a quiz today, November 26, about the ACA. We cover

  • Deadlines for your patients who want to enroll
  • Tax implications for those who don’t
  • And look at a host of other details.

Register and play today—all the points you earn will help you win the title of Smartest Doc in America! Be sure to join us: TODAY!

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Buried in literature?

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